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Hi there! Welcome to the contact page! 🎉

I'd like to take this opportunity and introduce myself so you'll have a little bit of an idea about this shop and its owner.

Hi, I'm Jeremy 👋🏻

Originally from Europe, the Netherlands, I've been travelling around the world as a nomad (which is just a fancy term for someone who's looking for his paradise to settle down into!).

And this is me:

I've always been working for other people and supported them in the pursuit of their dreams, until one day I realised I'd really truly wish to work on projects and ideals of my own choosing... Pursuing my own dreams and working on realising my own wishes.

After quitting my 9 to 5 I started pursuing things in life I believe truly matter and things that I enjoy doing very much.

Things in life that truly, truly matter like love, compassion, friends, family, and well, happiness and so on..  I enjoy making people happy and by selling butterfly products that people adore I feel like I'm contributing to that happiness. 

I hope you enjoy your visit, and be sure to drop me a message over at info(at) if you feel like chatting!

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