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Butterfly Necklaces

Imagine unwrapping a gift and finding an intricate, glistening butterfly necklace twinkling up at you. Perhaps it’s an opal butterfly necklace to celebrate an October birthday or even a diamond butterfly necklace from someone very special. Whateve r the occasion, butterfly necklaces never go out of fashion and are endlessly versatile in shape, color, style, and even price point.

Welcome to our definitive guide to gifting (or simply treating yourself!) to the perfect butterfly necklace. 

The birthday butterfly necklace

Birthdays are the ideal occasion for gifting jewelry. Celebrating another year thriving should come with three key things: cake, friends, and jewelry! If you‚Äôre stuck on what to gift a special lady on her big day, you really can‚Äôt go wrong with a necklace. Butterflies symbolize new beginnings, change, transformation, joy, and freedom, all of which are beautiful sentiments to commemorate a new age. 

Butterfly birthstone necklace

Even if the lucky recipient isn’t inclined to follow astrology or zodiac signs, they certainly know and favor their birthstone! (And if they don’t? They will now). Gifting a birthstone necklace shows that you have put great thought into the gift, searching for a gift with not only aesthetic beauty but a deeper meaning.

If you can‚Äôt quite get your hands on the birthstone itself, choose a necklace with diamonds in the same shade. For example, if the birthday gal is born in February but you can‚Äôt find an affordable amethyst butterfly necklace, simply find a purple butterfly necklace to represent the gemstone. For September? Pick a sparking blue butterfly necklace made of diamonds to represent Sapphire. You get the picture! 

Here’s a handy list of birthstones by the month:

January: Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Aquamarine (sometimes Bloodstone)
April: Diamond
May: Emerald
June: Pearl or moonstone
July: Ruby
August: Peridot
September: Sapphire
October: Opal or Tourmaline
November: Topaz or Citrine
December: Turquoise 

Simple butterfly necklaces 

If the birthday girl has more classic, refined, and simple taste, try a plain gold, silver, or white gold butterfly necklace.

Remember, different skin tones suit different tones of metal, so be sure to check into this before you make your pick. You may already know what your ‚Äúgiftee‚Äôs‚ÄĚ metal of choice is (some are gold-only girls and others prefer cooler silver).

Cool skin tones (very pale or fair skin) suit cooler metals such as silver or white gold. Warm skin (olive, tan, or red-based deep) looks stunning with gold, rose gold, or bronze metal.

Remember, you don‚Äôt need to pick a necklace with a full butterfly pendant, you can opt for something a little more subtle, with a representative approach to butterflies. It may be a wing or an abstract outline, referring to the joy and transformative nature of butterflies without being too ‚Äúon the nose‚ÄĚ. 

Sparkling Blue Butterfly Necklace
Sparkling Blue Butterfly Necklace
Sparkling Blue Butterfly Necklace
Sparkling Blue Butterfly Necklace
Sparkling Blue Butterfly Necklace

Sparkling Blue Butterfly Necklace


Add a hint of sparkling blue to your day; let this butterfly shine on your day.

    • Express yourself¬†with the powerful symbols of¬†a¬†butterfly: transformation, freedom and inspiration
    • Distinguish yourself¬†with these enchanting earrings¬†
    • Showcase¬†your love of Butterflies with¬†any outfit

Be assured of pure quality with our:

    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • 100% quality assurance
    • 100% risk free guarantee

    UPDATE: Due to high demand we run out of stock often. Please place an order while supplies last. We replenish our stock as often as we can.

    The anniversary butterfly necklace

    A milestone wedding or relationship anniversary (or even friendship!) is one of the most special events in one’s life. Love and friendship that has endured through the years is something we should all aim for, and celebrate! A butterfly necklace is a perfect gift for such occasions as it symbolizes young love and marital bliss (in Japanese culture), as well as development, transformation, and joy.

    Long-lasting, classic, and timeless pieces are best for anniversary gifts, as they will endure decade after decade. Look for a 14k gold butterfly necklace for warm skin, and for cooler-toned skin, seek out a sterling silver butterfly necklace.

    Consider something versatile and customizable, such as a gold butterfly necklace pendant on a long chain that can be looped to create a layered effect or even a short choker-style necklace.

    Ultra-modern women with an eye for contemporary trends will love a rose gold butterfly necklace in an abstract style, perhaps with a single, offset gemstone twinkling on the wing. 

    The milestone butterfly necklace

    Life is full of amazing feats, milestones, achievements, and even not-so-positive experiences we can learn from. For example, graduating from high school or college, gaining a Master’s or Ph.D., having a first child, getting a dream job, buying a home, getting engaged, starting a business, or even owning a first pet are all cherished events worthy of a special gift.

    Even the harder parts of life such as beating an illness, getting through a divorce, or dealing with the loss of a loved one should be acknowledged and commemorated with a token of support. Once again, the ever-appropriate butterfly flutters over to help! 

    Butterfly pendant necklace

    A butterfly pendant necklace in the form of a charm on a chain is a fantastic gift, as the butterfly can be worn as a necklace, or as a charm on a bracelet. As the style preference of the recipient changes, they can place the charm on different chains, or keep it as a good-luck travel charm and take it with them wherever they go, carrying your love and support with them.

    Butterfly Make-A-Wish Necklace
    Butterfly Make-A-Wish Necklace
    Butterfly Make-A-Wish Necklace

    Butterfly Make-A-Wish Necklace


    The perfect Gift for a dear friend or family member that loves Butterflies!

      • Express yourself¬†with the powerful symbols of¬†Butterflies: transformation, freedom and inspiration
      • Distinguish your look!


        • 30 day money back guarantee
        • 100% quality assurance
        • 100% risk free guarantee

      Butterfly wing necklace

      A butterfly wing encompasses the strength, lightness, joy, and transformation of the butterfly, making it a perfect token to commemorate a major achievement. A butterfly wing necklace is a flawless gift for those who are more whimsical, and less literal in their fashion and accessory choices. Perhaps they have graduated from college and university and are about to spread their wings on an adventure overseas, how fitting is a butterfly wing necklace for such an exciting change?

      Butterfly urn necklace

      Losing a loved one is always painful and challenging, no matter the circumstances. However, we can always carry the memories and celebrate the life of the one we lost, taking them with us as we go about our lives.

      Many people choose to carry a small amount of their loved one’s ashes as a token of memory and love. The most elegant and fitting way to do this is with a butterfly urn necklace. Often, it comes in the form of a crystal butterfly necklace with a small urn containing the ashes, sitting close to the person’s heart.

      The ‚Äútreat myself‚ÄĚ butterfly necklace

      After all this talk of gifting to others, what about you?! You absolutely deserve to treat yourself, whether it‚Äôs to celebrate an achievement, or simply to show yourself a little much-needed appreciation. 

      The real butterfly necklace

      When butterfly necklaces first made their debut into popular society, they were made from real butterflies. They burst onto the scene in the 1920s, with the most incredible, shimmery hues of real morpho butterfly wings.

      While we don‚Äôt suggest you go out capturing butterflies and making them into jewelry, you can definitely harness the beauty of real butterflies with cruelty-free methods. Look for a silver butterfly necklace filled with blue and purple tones representing a real wing, or a butterfly necklace, gold with warm-toned oranges and reds. 

      Gold Butterfly Necklace
      Gold Butterfly Necklace
      Gold Butterfly Necklace
      Gold Butterfly Necklace
      Gold Butterfly Necklace

      Gold Butterfly Necklace


      Would you love to own this exceptional Gold Butterfly Necklace?

        • Express¬†wealth, grandeur and prosperity with this golden necklace
        • Wear it with any outfit
        • Show your love of Butterflies

      Be assured of pure quality with our:

        • 30 day money back guarantee
        • 100% quality assurance
        • 100% risk free guarantee

      UPDATE: Due to high demand we run out of stock often. Please place an order while supplies last. We replenish our stock as often as we can.

      Monarch butterfly necklace

      The monarch butterfly has a place in most of our memories, as the most common butterfly in many parts of the world. Have you seen a monarch butterfly alight on a flower or leaf, only to flutter away again a moment later? If so, you’ll agree there’s something magical and inexplicably meaningful about such an experience.

      A monarch butterfly necklace is the perfect ‚Äúgift to self‚ÄĚ as it represents those quiet moments of realization, calm, and wonder we experience alone. Like the monarch butterfly, you are ever-changing, transforming, and experiencing life through unique eyes. Go on, treat yourself! 

      The butterfly necklace for kids

      You’re never too young to receive a special piece of jewelry for a birthday, Christmas, or special occasion. Kids possess the kind of freedom, joy, and playfulness we tend to lose a little as we get older (unfortunately!).

      Capture the joyful spirit of your favorite little one by gifting them with a sparkling, colorful, bright butterfly necklace they can cherish and wear with pride.

      Kids aren’t exactly delicate when it comes to how they go about their lives, with lots of playing, running, and getting into all kinds of mischief. For this reason, go with sturdy chains and non-precious charms such as plastic, resin, or cut glass. That way, it’s not a tragedy if the necklace gets lost or caught up in the gleeful messiness of a kid’s life.

      Save the real gold and gemstones for their 18th or 21st birthdays! 

      Tips for gifting butterfly necklaces

      While a butterfly necklace is a fantastic gift in itself, you can make it even more significant and memorable by the way you present it. It’s all in the wrapping and the presentation! Here are some top tips:

      For a husband or partner, print out the words to their favorite song or poem on high-quality paper and use it to wrap the necklace box

      Buy a cardboard gift box and decorate it with a collage of photos, or meaningful images and pop the necklace inside. The box can then be used as their ‚Äúspecial things‚ÄĚ box (for cards, mementos, photos, anything nostalgic and sentimental)

      Fill a gift basket with their favorite treats and nestle the necklace (in a sturdy box) amongst the treats for them to find

      Use reusable materials to wrap and present the necklace, such as an embroidered lace scarf

      Wrap the necklace in a love note (for the romantics out there!) or a letter of support and appreciation 

      That concludes our Butterfly Necklace guide! Be sure to check the entire collection!


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      925 Sterling Butterfly Jewelry Set

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