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Butterfly Images and Butterfly Pictures 

Inspiring Butterfly Images

A butterfly image can evoke a broad spectrum of emotions and possibly even memories. The richness of nature-given color, perfect symmetry, and delicate lightness stir something deep inside of us. Butterfly images lend themselves to all kinds of places, occasions, and intentions; they can warm up a drab office, bring color to a tired home, or bring a smile to a special person in need of cheering up.

But where can we find these awe-inspiring pictures of butterflies? Do we need to spend a fortune on expensive prints or can we find butterfly images free of charge? The answer is yes! You’ve come to the right spot to learn where to find a plethora of free butterfly images available on the internet, and more importantly, how and when to use them. 

What does it “say” when you gift or display a butterfly picture?

When gifting particular images, it’s important to consider what these images communicate to the recipient. Likewise, what does a particular image displayed in your home say about you? It’s up to the individual to make up their own mind, of course, but there are a few universal messages you can always count on butterflies to delicately deliver. 

“Be positive”
In a time of sadness, hardship, or stress, a butterfly picture is a soft and gentle reminder that color, joy, and wonder still exists! 

“You’re a joy to know”
Gifting a card with a vibrant butterfly image emblazoned on the front sends a message that this person in your life reminds you of beauty, joy, and vibrancy. 

“Things will get better”
Condolence cards or tokens of support during tough times don’t need to be somber or muted. On the contrary, they can (and often should!) be a little ray of light, color, and a reminder that hard times pass. Think of the lifecycle of a butterfly, an ever-changing, growing, transforming life that moves through many phases...just like our lives.

“You’re flourishing!”
Sometimes people just need a little acknowledgment for the efforts they’re putting in, whether it’s at work, in a relationship, or simply life in general. The butterfly is the quintessential symbol of positive change and the grasping of life with two hands.

“You’re beautiful”
Multi-hued, glimmering, jewel-like butterflies symbolize true beauty, just like the flowers they flutter to and from. A simple “this reminded me of you” written in a card with a beautiful butterfly on the cover is a subtle-yet-sure way to let a special someone know how you feel.

When gifting particular images, it’s important to consider what these images communicate to the recipient. Likewise, what does a particular image displayed in your home say about you? It’s up to the individual to make up their own mind, of course, but there are a few universal messages you can always count on butterflies to delicately deliver. 

Where can I find images of butterflies?

The internet is a wondrous thing, always ready to help (most of the time). Ask it “show me a picture of a butterfly” and it will surely deliver in abundance. We have two favorite sites to find free pictures of flowers and butterflies (flowers and butterflies are a double-dose of natural beauty to awaken the senses, so why pick just one?), as these sites offer a huge variety of high-quality, free butterfly images. Check out free images and unsplash, but here’s a warning: you may find yourself spending an unreasonable number of hours gazing at beautiful butterfly images!

Here’s a little hint of what you can find:

Monarch ButterflyMonarch Butterfly SunflowerMonarch Butterfly Nature

Butterfly pictures for gifts

A thoughtful way to supplement a gift is to create a homemade card or even homemade wrapping paper using stunning images. Decorate a piece of card or paper with a picture of a butterfly in the favorite color of the recipient, and fill it with your words of love.

What’s more, if the lucky giftee is a butterfly fanatic, or simply needs a little beauty in their life, pick butterfly colored pictures, print them on high-quality paper and set them in a gorgeous frame. It could be something earthy and calming like this:

Monarch Butterfly and cat

Or an invigorating pop of color like this: 

Blue Morpho butterfly

Butterfly tattoo images

Thinking of getting a butterfly tattoo? Great choice! Butterfly tattoos are feminine, artistic, and signify a free and open spirit. First, you’ll need a picture of a butterfly that represents the type of look you want the tattoo artist to work from. For inspiration for butterfly tattoos, pictures of butterflies and flowers with clear outlines are best. You could go for a sketch like this: 

Butterfly Tattoo image

Or something with a side-profile silhouette of the butterfly with a clear and definite flower outline like this:

Monarch butterfly field

Butterfly images for home decor

Decorating your home needn’t be an expensive, time-consuming, and stressful undertaking. You can brighten any room and give it a touch of your personality by choosing, printing, and framing the images that speak to you.

Beautiful butterfly pictures will give your home a sense of lightness, joy, and warmth. If you’re feeling really creative, you could even paint your own images of flowers and butterflies with the guide of a photo. This is a thoughtful gift idea when your budget is small but your love is large! Grab some inexpensive canvas, paints, a brush, and see where your talents take you.

Start with easy butterflies images to practise the general shape, like this: 

Blue and black morpho butterfly

Then begin to play with color and texture to create the light-catching shimmer and inky depth of the butterfly. Imagine an oversized picture of butterfly wings in rich colors greeting your guests as they step into your front hallway. Or, make your guest room boutique-worthy with images of butterfly wings, or a picture of butterflies over a background of wildflowers. 

Butterfly pictures for the office or workplace

Let’s face it, offices and workplace receptions aren’t exactly known for being the most inspiring or creative areas. If you have an office or even a cubicle, you could revamp it by welcoming pictures of butterfly wings in various color stories, silhouettes, and patterns into your space. Not only does this look pretty, but it might even encourage more creative thought, and give you something to gaze at as a break from the computer screen.

It is thought that blue is a calming, relaxing color that can also encourage clear thinking (something we can all use a little more of when the 3 pm slump hits at work!). If you find that stress comes to knock on your door a little too often when at work, try adding a pop of blue to your surroundings. Take a look through free image sites and select blue butterfly pictures and various shades of pink or purple butterfly pictures to create a varied color scape.

A perfect example of a calming yet invigorating image is this delicate butterflies picture with various tones of blue and purple and a trio of sweet, pale butterflies. Beauty aside, an image of butterfly wings perching on a flower is calming, simply by reminding us that there’s so much more out there than the issues we’re facing at the present moment. Don’t be surprised if gazing at purple butterflies pictures becomes a habit or a crutch. You may just find yourself demanding “show me butterflies pictures!” the next time stress, panic, or the pressures of life come rushing your way, (and that’s not a bad thing). 

Butterfly art

Butterfly pictures for kids

Colorful butterfly pictures are excellent for kids as they spark their imagination, awaken their creative side, and encourage an appreciation of nature. The life cycle of a butterfly is one of the most fascinating processes, teaching kids the wonder of nature and the preciousness of life. When searching for a picture of a life cycle of butterfly species, we came across this stunning picture of butterflies in their final stages from chrysalis to monarch butterfly:

Butterfly life cycle

On a rainy afternoon when the kids are cooped up inside and feeling bored, a fun and creative activity is to color and decorate outlines of butterflies. Print out black and white butterfly images to color however the kids wish, with paint, pencils, glitter...anything goes.

Butterfly images for cheering someone up

The images butterflies can conjure in our minds are endless, from Summer days as kids, to a moment during a special trip abroad. Even if we don’t have a specific moment in our past where butterflies appear, we all respond to butterflies with softness, admiration, and often, joy.

When life gets tough for a loved one (as it does for every one of us at some stage!), think outside the box and lift their spirits with a framed butterfly image, butterfly card, or even a butterfly wall poster. Make the gift more personal by taking the person’s personality into account, considering their color and style preferences. For example, perhaps your loved one is a lover of pale, pastel tones, with a gentle nature and a taste for subtle decor. Something like this would be perfect, speaking to the heart of your friend:

Let’s say a loved one is bogged down, being overworked by their boss, and feeling low, tired, and deflated. They’re a vibrant person with a lust for color and life, but they’re struggling to tap into that part of them at the moment (can’t we all relate?). Remind them of their charisma and bright, sparkling nature with the simple act of gifting them a butterfly picture that reminds you of them. 

And of course, there’s the classic cute animal image plus a butterfly, always sure to conjure a smile, even for a moment...

Use your creativity to find new ways to explore the power and beauty of a butterfly image.

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That concludes our Butterfly Images and Butterfly Pictures guide! Be sure to check out the entire collection!

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